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About Us

We strive to learn new ways for individuals to practice self-care.  We believe caring for yourself is the most vital key to your overall health.  The year 2020 has took a toll on many of us including healthcare, other front line and essential workers and we are here to help.  However, we know that no matter if you work from home or not, life as we know it can be stressful.  We understand that what works for one may not work for all, so we continue to teach what we've learned that works for some, in hopes that it will help out and work for you or someone you know as well.

Even before the pandemic we believed that self-care is the best care and always looking into new ways to achieve one's happiness.  There's no better time than this year, in this moment, to teach others ways they can practice loving themselves more.  Our hopes is to help someone discover ways to relax, unwind, relive stress and anxiety in the year of 2020 and beyond.